Bridging the Language Diversity Gap

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"I believe we all have a basic desire to understand each other. In business, language plays a vital role in connecting andtransferring knowledge."

-Iskandar, General Manager of Wordsmith Group

In this day and age of digital marketing, companies are beginning to realise that content is essential to boosting their marketing efforts. In their quest for creating great content, businesses are looking to companies that offer digital content marketing services. Wordsmith is one of such companies but with a twist. They specialise in copywriting and revision, offering services such as translating, interpreting, content writing and editing.

Small But Mighty

Wordsmith has been in the business of language and content creation for a long time. Although they have been around since 2011, they lay claim to 20 years of experience. In that time, the Wordsmith group has experienced immense growth from a small team of 3, including the CEO, to ten employees.

Wordsmith create content in more than 14 different languages. But that's not the only outstanding fact about Wordsmith employees. Most of them are women, something that Wordsmith loves and encourages.

Many companies use Wordsmith’s services to focus on their target market by addressing their pain points and answering any questions they have. They work primarily with different clients, including corporate clients, NGOs, ad agencies, and law firms.

Not only 'translating' but also 'localising' the content

One of the thing that differentiate Wordsmith than other language service provider is Wordsmith is not only 'translating' into local language, but also adding localised term and articualte them in appropriate context to make sure the knowledge transffered is achieved.

Finding the right local terminology sometimes can be a challenge when communicating certain message. Hence, is it important for every each of Wordsmith employee to have a deep passion for language.  

Having an attention to details also the important trait Wordsmith is looking for in new employee.

Creating Opportunities for Women

Majority of Worksmith's employees are women.

"One of the reasons why our team is mostly women is because, since the beginning, our founder wanted to give a chance to many women to grow, and for them to get flexibility in working."

Since the beginning, the Founder, Yendi Amalia wanted to create opportunities especially for women and housewives to work but also able to take care of their families.

That's why Wordsmith offer a flexibility to their employees and they can work remotely, long before the pandemic requires all businesses to work from home. That is to say, having a strong sense of belonging is important to bring their best selves to work and to do their best.

Persevering Through the Tough Times

Even during the pandemic when most businesses shut down, Wordsmith was still operational without experiencing any losses. This is because the services that Wordsmith Groups offer are essential services for any type of business.

"Our main vision is for businesses to get the benefit from us along with enhancing knowledge in communication between stakeholders. Hence, we work as a supporting communication tool and hope to give the output according to each project received."


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