Guide to Successfully Setting Up Your First Overseas Office and Team

1 min read

Globalisation has created what feels like a much smaller world, where the distance between countries is no longer an insurmountable divide. As a result, consumers from different countries have developed shared tastes and interests, and international connections have become more accessible than ever before.

This is an ideal environment for businesses to pursue overseas expansion because there are potentially many other viable markets for the same goods and services, and with that, the capability of developing a cohesive team of international employees.

You may also be wondering whether it is feasible to start an international office. With the right resources and preparation, it is absolutely an achievable goal! However, this endeavour requires careful planning and research, which you should not take lightly.

How do you begin such an undertaking?

In this ebook, you will find some areas that you should consider when beginning what will be a long but ultimately very worthwhile journey.

Among the aspects are:
1. Key HR practices and policies you will need to establish
2. Locating, hiring, and building an effective cross-cultural team
3. Managing administrative tasks, such as payroll
4. Localising your business after choosing a location

By the time you finish reading, you should feel more confident and ready to take advantage of the opportunities ahead!

Download the EBook "Guide to Successfully Setting Up Your First Overseas Office and Team" by submitting the form below.

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